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(Educational Live Action Roleplay)



Edu-Larp immerses participants in a mythical world where anything is possible through negotiation, navigation, combat, puzzles, quests, friendships, alliances and magic.

Edu-Larp can be set in any historical or fantasy setting therefore can also be used to reinforce learning and subject knowledge in line with school curriculum subjects.

To read and listen to more about Edu-Larp and its benefits to those with ACE's go to our other website



If you want to motivate and engage students with different starting points Educational Live Action Role Play (Edu-Larp) can be a way. The idea of a common goal provides a focus and a driving force that brings subject knowledge and social skills into play.

Through a narrative frame it promotes differentiated teaching and many forms of knowledge. The Edu Larp can take many forms and move within many genres. The Edu-Larp can last anywhere between just an hour and several weeks.


Interdisciplinary or through individual subjects a simulation of events and activities is created. In Edu Larp subject knowledge is a fundamental key element. Subject knowledge moves form being the main focus to being a means to achieve a shared and meaningful goal.

The Edu Larp creates a clear framework through roles and a narrative where everyone has a function. Thereby you can see each other and the subject knowledge in a new light. The interaction between the academic and social dimension motivates and creates meaningful knowledge.


The curriculum comes into play and is made relevant through and immersive experience. The role makes it easier to handle failure as it is the role that fails, not you as a person.

The game and the narrative are a motivating factors. Everyone can influence the development and the outcome of the story.



An Edu-larp will contain elements of classroom based teaching. When everyone works together and subject knowledge is used correctly almost all challenges can be overcome and then we are close to the goal, and the goal is not only to achieve and reach the top it it’s just as much to develop academically, personally and socially.

Some examples of

Edu-Larp settings

Full copies of one day and 6 weeks courses can be provided on request and bespoke courses can be tailored to suit your needs. 

Dark Caves & Dragons

Age 5- Adult

2 Hours-

Full Weekend Quests

The Dark Ages an age of myth magic heroes/ heroines and quests.

A historical Edularp adventure based within the Dark Ages main cultures, i.e. Anglo Saxon, Viking.

Participants will be given the opportunity to take on the role of a character from the period and culture taken as the setting for the Edularp. (The Dark Ages setting has been specifically chosen to enhance participant knowledge and understanding of historical aspect of the National Curriculum; however all historical periods are available.)

Participants will work in-role working collaboratively with others on numerous challenges leading to achieving a solution to the overall quest.

This activity not only involve a wide range of both fun physical and metal challenges, but it also helps build confidence, communication skills & key skills as well as leaving participants with a sense of achievement and community.

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