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Outdoor Active Learning &

Team Building Activities



Our Outdoor Active Learning Program allows children of all ages and abilities and adults to learn a range of skills both academic and vocational, The environmental impact of working on our specially adapted outdoor site and our pupil centred approach leads to pupil's gaining confidence,  pride in their work, a good work ethic and a huge sense of achievement. 

Working with Seedling's team of specially trained animals can be included in OAL courses.  Initially this teaches pupils Animal Care& Management whilst also involving them in physical exercise, working as a team and following set instructions and procedures; the sessions will also include health& safety.

In the second instance these sessions help younger pupils and pupils with special educational needs & disabilities to develop an understanding of body language, verbal communication, empathy & emotional control.

Finally pupils can learn new vocational skills that can be used in future works placements. 

Our Team Building days and courses are designed not only to be fun but also to help bring adults and children alike together in pursuit of a common goal.

Participantsbut will develop and improve communication skills, key skills and leadership skills. 

In our woodlands, fields, follies and brook adults will remember the freedom of childhood and the fun of the great outdoors. whilst many children will experience it for the first time.

Some examples of OAL &

Team Building Activities.

Full copies of one day and 6 weeks courses can be provided on request and bespoke courses can be tailored to suit your needs. 

"Can we Meet?"

Age 8- Adult

2 Hours

The premise of this activity is the meeting between two groups.

Numerous obstacles, physical, technical and mental conundrums will be encountered that will affect the process.

Split into two teams participant will be expected not to work in opposition but rather to co-operate and aid each other as each team’s end goal is dependent of the success of the other team being able to attend the meeting.

Participants will be faced with communication puzzles and tasks based on specific communication techniques; numerical, oral, visual, literary and physical.

Environmental Sessions

Age 5- Adult

2 Hours

An active tour of the Root ‘n’ Branch site exploring the flora and fauna both natural and agricultural. The site boasts over 40 species of wild bird including areas of nesting birds, over 8 types of wild mammal, variety of wildflowers, meadows and paddocks, different types of woodland and treelines, brook, ford and wormeries as well as much, much more!

For younger children the session will focus on exploring the wildlife, tracks, dens, wormeries etc. and some environmental focused games in the meadow and woodland.

For older children the session will focus on recognition, care, management and use with a focus on the conflict between commercial land use and the natural environment.

Equine Driving

Age 5- Adult

1 Hour

Learn all about the Art of Horse Driving in the one hour session.

However this session is not just for the animal lovers, it is a useful tool in teaching about body & emotional control and use of voice; volume, tone and emotion.


In an fun an engaging way our teachers show pupils the importance of following of instructions, and the dexterity and empathy needed rather than strength using our bombproof pony 'Magic'.

 See more about our animals on our Home page and on our Seedling Farm page.

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