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Seedling Farm

@ Root 'n' Branch Acres, Solihull, UK

Animal-Assisted Activities and Learning
Animals Care & Handling
Specialist Lessons & Courses



The Seedling Productions farm is truly bio-diverse! 


With the environment and conservation high on the agenda we have a range of animals that allow us to implement careful grazing schemes that help in restoring the wildflowers and river banks and provide more natural worm control methods. 

Our animals are also duel-purpose allowing the farm to produce its own eggs, meat and wool as well as educating future generations on rare breeds, animal welfare, animal training and food sustainability. 

Fresh vegetables and fruit are also grow on the farm by ourselves and local school children.

Please see our Education Page for our full range of courses.

Our Animals

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Baby Chicks and Incubation Projects

Ideal for younger children, animal therapy, children's parties and petting farm.


Older children can look at hatching using incubators including science and mathematics and the keeping of youngstock

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