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A Nose at Bin's Fayre Times festival 2014- Part 2

There is a difference between the Crimson and the Veiled Moon; the amount of difference when they are stood side by side is quite surprising. The rustic appeal of the Crimson Moon contrasting with the steam punk edge of The Veiled Moon, whose luxurious rich tapestry dressings, ironwork and Moroccan style lanterns, set it aside. The main difference of course is Le Shot De Sade, with his trusted guitar in hand, he is the landlord of the Veiled Moon. He doesn’t have my good looks and wit but his customers love him.

Imerick proudly added the dressings to the Blacksmiths late in the afternoon, discovering as he did more information on the great banana theft. The banana had not been eaten entirely at the scene of the crime. Half had been carried beyond the confines of the Moon into the village and left on top of one of the beautiful barrels provided by Lance from the Powder Mills, along with a set of stocks and some sand bags. Incidental dressings but the difference such things make to the Seedling Village is immense. Along with our prayer Ovoo which now stands at the cave’s entrance. Thanks also to the Powder Mills and Lance for the use of the hanger tent for the cave setting and Curious Pastimes for the camo netting used at the entrance. Le Shot set about the cave creation with his usual vigour, I left him atop of a barrel, atop a picnic table. ‘On top of the job’ he declared.

The external walls having been added to The Moon, it now had a rear entrance and a back ally. Curious Pastimes had a dedicated promotion and display area and after a frantic search, second search, last and very last look for the dividing wall cloth; the projection screen was up and showing the promotional media. After some hard work, by one of the Carum “Death Walkers” the projections were now accompanied by fliers and other such literature.

The village was complete, with prayer flags, chickens, the Viking tent and all the bells. Though the late arrival of the Sidney Stringer LRP club and the House of Light did make me wonder what state the bells might actually be in, when seen in day light.

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