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A Nose at Bin's Fayre Times Festival 2014- Part 3

Purchased over the last couple of years, initially to provide sleeping accommodation for both Seedling Productions staff and other companies, game players and crew; the bell tents added a nice backdrop to the central area of the village. The addition of the hessian wall which hid the Powder Mills buildings and linked the back ally of the Moon to the cave was in place; a magic Curious Pastimes elf had put his building skills to work and we had the court yard, the final touch.

With seating for the young adventures and their folk laid out Hawk and his army of accomplices, set about the Fayre Times Festival in a way that I do not think anyone expected or will forget. Releasing over thirty young adventures, on five quests, guided by the chirpy and flamboyant, Gatano Parnis. (Historical Mythological Society)

Our heroes battled their way through a live world of imagination and wonder. They encountered and dealt with witches and werewolves, bandits and vagabonds, talking fungi, disgruntled warriors, Vikings and knights; along with me, Le Shot, his music and the collection of curio that make up, the cliental of The Crimson Moon and The Veiled Moon.

Out of the courtyard the adventurers filed, passed the Smithy’s, with Imerick at his forge. In, out and round the Moons then on into what had become a street of LARP. Main Street. They passed the abode of the lady from Huntley Wood and The Vale then on still further; the arenas to the left, the LARP Aid Archery range to the right, Mixed in camp after camp, an array of tents, Plain white ones and colourful striped ones. Passed the people of Seaxe and Sorcery, passed people with pointy hats and others that looked more like rats. Then in contrast the tall men of The Empire. At times stern and intimidating, though, I have always found them to be the most honourable of men, often-good patrons, not that I would lets such a thing colour my judgement.

Leaving Main Street, they passed into a wild assortment of places and people, walking the length and breadth of history, through it’s never-ending array of cultures. Then back; their first task completed. Then the witch, a creature with scarred features and hypnotic gaze. Apparently she was a customer of mine. We do of course cater for all. Living that is. From the witch, I seem to recall she was called Griselda, back to Hawk. Even I was taken aback by the next task he set, to go into to the depth of the Shamans’ cave. A place I would prefer not to venture myself, even in my more adventurous days I would have been reluctant. It is hot and close, there is not mushroom. That was of course before I start to work for Madame De Sade; another story entirely.

I don’t know what they were told in the cave but the magic they performed at the Ovoo later was beyond belief, as was their skill at arms, their wit and cunning. It will be many moons before I meet the likes of Sir Jerome and his brother again not to mention that Viking girl, the one who later played a major role in the battle.

All to free old Hawk. Strange, I was that busy with my beer and wines, my guests and my wenches that I hadn’t even noticed he was stuck.

Their folk followed their progress proudly and were delighted at their swift and safe return. Myself I thought their reward was most fitting, a wolf fur talith. If I had one of those I would wear it with pride. Alas, more and more folk arrived at the Moon, for the festival; Lords, ladies, diplomats, politicians, common folk like myself. The list was endless, everyone who is anyone, was there. Perhaps the witch was one of Le Shots’ customers? So, I must leave the adventuring to the younger folk. Shame though, Bin Caravanshi- Barkeep and Dispatcher of Lycanthropes, does have a nice ring to it.

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