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A Nose at Bin's Fayre Times Festival 2014- Part 4

Binabick it’s a Mongol name. The history of the Steppe people, of which the Mongol Horde is but a part, stretches beyond history; around since the beginning of the Curious Pastimes game certainly but even back beyond that, into ancient LARP history. All the peoples of the Steppe, have always been proud of their skill at arms. They hold dignity, tolerance, honour and loyalty above all else. The depth and breadth of the cultures that form and sustain the Steppe is like an ocean, constantly evolving as it is forever added to by fresh water of imagination. So it was with the same sense of that pride, aware of all the great deeds that had been done by great names from the past, I stepped forward at the great LARP Challenge.

Bin Caravanshi, Binabick Tai-Ishi, Vampire Slayer, Enthraller of Dragons, Ex-Lord General, Bar Keep, Hunter of Mummies and Keeper of the National Herd. The last one is my favourite. I, Bin, got his arse whipped by Amish Bint, in the first round!

So onto more interesting matters; that dignity, tolerance, honour and loyalty that is the history of not just the Steppe people of Curious Pastimes but of all LARP. I have never taken that much pride in the building of a hotel on White Chapel or Park Lane or cried at the poor fortunes of a friend landing on Mayfair held by a rival, however from an array of LARP systems, games and worlds folk came to The 2nd Fayre Times, Festival, to share their game world and to discover others. The LARP universe may have grown up with rivalries and differences but those who took part in The Challenge or witnessed it, saw how easily rivalries are put aside and how small the differences that do exist are. All they combatants took to the field with dignity and universal sense of fair play. Differences we discovered, in reality, if there is such a thing in the universe, actually benefit games, not hinders them. The winner of the LARP Challenge at The 2nd Fayre Times Festival was The Game of LARP. Oh and (name of winner) but he had the advantage of youth.

Alas Amish Bint got eliminated in the next round. I think he had had to put so much into defeating me he didn’t have anything left. In my day, as young man on the Steppe, we paced ourselves. He’ll learn. He did all right behind the bar thou. Serves a good ale and of course, it being the annual Fayre Times Festival, with so many folk in and out of The Moon, I had other things on my mind than swordplay.

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