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Photos from our one of our own LARP systems 'Carum Live Roleplay'

Sorry for the delay (trying to fit all the events of the year into a few months has definitely be testing but thoroughly enjoyable). Anyway a massive thank you to all the players and crew who took part in our last minute October live Carum event 'Into The Deep' set first on board the Rat Ocean Raft 'The Whydan' and sailing to land on the East Coast, just north of The Port of Muskan where the Allied Forces have seized control, where the adventure will continue into the land of the Deathwalkers.

Also a huge thanks goes to Bin Caravanshi, Jordan Nicole Webb, John Moss for the awesome ship set and to Micky Mousy for all the lighting and SFX effects.

I will post the three batches of photos form the event tonight (there was just too many good ones to choose from. Thanks you to Astrid Jenkins for the additional photography.

We are looking at running two Carum events next year in the Spring and the Autumn 2022 leaving room for Seedling Productions' other high fantasy multi-system game with Gary Hannant 'The Arrivals' and a new g Si-fi Larp by Seedling Productions and Jordan Nicole Webb coming summer 2022!!

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